Youth Ministry Training Program

Department of Philosophy & Religion

Youth Ministry Training Program

The youth ministry concentration was created to prepare students for work in ministry with young people. If you are called to work with youth in a church or nonprofit setting, a concentration in youth ministry will give you a general grounding in youth culture, developmental psychology and education that will help you better serve as a mentor and instructor.

Because of the specific, ministry-focused nature of the youth ministry concentration, students are required to also be a religion major and be working toward the pre-theology concentration. Combined with the vocational focus of the pre-theology concentration and the in-depth exploration of Christian history and theology in the religion major, the youth ministry concentration will set you up for a career of service to youth in the church.

A concentration in youth ministry might be for you if:

  • You are called to ministry in the church
  • You are interested in working with youth

Majors that are well supplemented by this concentration include:

  • Religion
  • Social work

Curriculum Guide

The religion curriculum guide outlines the different classes you will need to take for a youth ministry concentration. You’ll want to review this guide to get a complete picture of how this concentration might fit in with your desired major.

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