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Liberal Studies

The curriculum guide (also called a pattern sheet) is a list of the courses required for the bachelor of liberal studies degree offered through School for Adult Learning. For a printed copy of this Curriculum Guide, which contains greater detail, departmental footnotes, etc., please contact SAL in Esch Hall 103. For a description of each course listed below, please consult the University Catalog.

Degree Requirements

  • The B.L.S. degree requires a minimum of 124 credit hours.
  • A grade point average of C- (1.7 on a 4.0 scale) or higher is required in the General Education core curriculum.
  • You must take the last 30 hours of coursework at UIndy to obtain a degree from UIndy.
  • A grade point average of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher is required to graduate.

Of the 124 required hours, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be at the 200 level or above, of which at least 12 credit hours must be at the 300 or 400-level.

* You must test into MATH108 by achieving the minimum required score on the SAL Math Proficiency Examination, or by taking SAL280, Topics in Math.

** The course SAL101, Return to Learning, is required of all new SAL students and must be taken in the first semester of enrollment.

Not all courses are available in an accelerated format; however, students may complete all degree requirements with accelerated courses. Some courses listed above have prerequisites; this means you must take another course or courses first.

Key Advisor, School for Adult Learning: Kathy Simpher.

Note: This page is generally more current than the printed Curriculum Guide. Always check with the SAL office to obtain a copy of the most recent printed guide. If you question or dispute these requirements, the SAL Key Advisor makes the final determination regarding required courses.

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