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Global Leadership

The Global Leadership major is a customizable interdisciplinary program that not only gives you a foundation in business, but also provides additional coursework in religion, geography and international relations—important topics that influence business in other countries. As a Global Leadership major, you can modify your program to fit your interests and career goals by choosing one of five tracks: business, Asian studies, international relations, history or modern language. This allows you to pursue additional academic interests while gaining a strong business background.

What’s the difference between the Global Leadership major and the International Business major? Instead of the customizable tracks, the International Business major requires 12 credit hours of foreign language. The Global Leadership major does not.

Program strengths

  • Customizable program with tracks in business, Asian studies, international relations, history, or modern language, allowing you to focus on specific subjects that interest you
  • Fifth year track to a Master’s degree in International Relations (for those in the international relations track)

Potential careers with a Global Leadership degree

With a global leadership degree, you have many career options, depending on the track you choose.

  • Business Track: prepares you to work in many areas of business, government or non-profit organizations
  • Asian Studies Track:prepares you for business and government jobs located in or working with Asian countries
  • International Relations Track: prepares you for working with government agencies as an employee of either government or business
  • History or Modern Languages Track: gives you additional preparation for working in international businesses

Global Leadership might be for you if:

  • You love to travel
  • You love to learn about other people and cultures
  • You are curious about other countries and the complexity of their political, economic and cultural factors
  • You are adventurous
  • You like problem solving
  • You are interested in how businesses operate, especially internationally
  • You’re creative
  • You think “outside the box”

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the classes you’ll need to take as a Global Leadership major. The general education curriculum guide lists your class options and requirements to fulfill UIndy’s general education requirements, while the Global Leadership curriculum guide lists the classes needed to major in Global Leadership. You’ll need to look at both guides to get a complete picture of what classes you’ll take at UIndy.

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