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Experience Design

Only program of its kind in the Midwest

The experience design (EXD) program focuses on perceptual, spatial and environmental creativity, while drawing upon concepts from other disciplines like psychology, brand strategy and communication. You can also specialize in a major skill area in the field by choosing one of three tracks: design, research and development, or management. UIndy offers one of the only undergraduate experience design programs in the Midwest, and we challenge you to find another program quite like this one.

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Community outreach

We maintain a full-service, student-run experience design agency—The Imagination Emporium–through which you’ll work with real clients to design interactive experiences. By working with clients, you learn how to work in real-world scenarios while serving the community.

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Team collaboration

Professionals in experience design rarely work alone, so we foster a spirit of collaboration in our classrooms. Designing interactive, multisensory experiences is a team effort, and our hands-on courses rely heavily on exchanging new ideas and building on one another’s work. You’ll participate in interactive projects that prepare you to work and think critically as a member of a team.

Special Topics courses

Special Topics, Outreach and EXD 101 courses are the lifeblood of this major, giving you the chance to create exciting interactive experiences. This year’s Special Topics courses are listed below.

Experience Design through the Ages

From Pre-historic cave paintings to Gladiator battles and Disney, this hands-on class will take you on a journey through the experiences of the past and how they were created, while also challenging you to recreate them!

Legends and Fantasy Worlds

Homer, H.G. Wells, J.R.R. Tolkien, Walt Disney. You’ve read and watched their creations, but how would you like to be a part of them? During Spring 2015, students will explore world legends and modern fantasy genres, and learn how to create fantasy-inspired environments.

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