Earth-Space Science / Environmental Science

Department of Physics & Earth Space Science

Earth-Space Science / Environmental Science

You might decide to major in science for a variety of reasons. You may want to become a teacher or a research scientist, or you may just want to benefit from the kind of training that the sciences provide. The analytical skills you will learn are transferable across a wide variety of fields and are highly valued in the job market.

As one of our graduates has written, “My [physics] background is absolutely priceless. I can understand anything, and with a week or two of reading I can become the company expert in any topic.”

Whatever your particular story, the University of Indianapolis is an outstanding setting in which to pursue your goals. Within the Physics and Earth-Space Sciences Department you’ll find:

  • small class sizes
  • well-qualified faculty committed to helping you reach your potential
  • practical experience opportunities to help hone your talents and acquaint you with the job market

Earth-space, physics, engineering, and environmental sciences graduates may find employment in such fields as hydrogeology, meteorology, ecology, land-use planning, environmental geology, oil and gas exploration geology, science education, physics research, industrial safety,electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering.

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