Department of Chemistry


Hands-on experience enriches learning

We believe that chemistry takes place all around us, which is why we show you the world through a chemist’s eye. Our curriculum harmonizes scientific learning through classroom discussion and hands-on lab experiences. Not only will you work with some of the latest technology and equipment, you’ll learn to apply the scientific method to experimentation and analysis. Through internships, students learn to solve problems in real-life research environments. Some students also receive the opportunity to complete summer research or work alongside faculty as they conduct their own original research.

Concentrations provide focused study

With four chemistry concentrations to choose from, UIndy’s Chemistry Department provides you with the foundation tailored to your chosen career field, along with training and support for further education. You’ll learn from dedicated and knowledgeable faculty in a fun but focused environment, allowing you to study the things you’re passionate about in a way that makes sense for you.

Preparation for professional schools

A chemistry major is a solid choice for students interested in getting accepted to professional schools in health-related fields after graduation, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or pharmacy. Our pre-professional programs will help you further focus your education and get you where you want to go. Plus, you’ll be assigned a faculty adviser who will make sure you’re selecting the right courses and fulfilling all necessary prerequisites for future study.

Interest-driven research

UIndy chemistry major and honors student Harleen Athwal used her initiative to gain graduate-level research experience as an undergrad, using specialized lab equipment.

By making the most of your lab experiences and UIndy’s small class sizes, you, too, could have an opportunity to apply your knowledge and interests to authentic research under the guidance of a professor. You’ll learn new techniques andbuild your resume at the same time.

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