Department of Anthropology


The Bachelor of Science in Archaeology degree was designed to give students real hands-on archaeological training and experience. The program does not promote geographic specialties for students. Instead, students are prepared to dig and work professionally anywhere in the world following graduation. However, our archaeology field school is typically located in Indiana and research materials in our labs are largely North American. While the degree’s emphasis is on field training and methodology, students with a more academic focus will benefit from training in both theory and method.

Program Strengths:

  • Coursework emphasizes all four anthropology subfields
  • Maximum of 30 students in a class; many are much smaller
  • Direct contact with professors
  • Immediate opportunities for students to conduct research

"My time spent in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Indianapolis was definitely the highlight of my college career. As an undergraduate, I got hundreds of hands-on time working in a real archeology laboratory. I was able to conduct my own research and present at regional and national conferences."

Rachel Lockhart Sharkey

BS Archeology

Archaeology students and grads have interned or worked for:

  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Indiana Department of Historic Preservation & Archaeology
  • Weintraut & Associates, Inc.
  • Landmark Archaeological & Environmental Services, Inc.
  • University of Indianapolis

Potential careers in Archaeology:

  • Field technician
  • Archaeology laboratory technician, analyst or coordinator
  • Cultural resource manager
  • Historic preservation officer
  • Curator
  • Park ranger
  • Compliance officer

Archaeology might be for you if:

  • You want to discover the past, not just read about it
  • You enjoy traveling, but not just being a tourist
  • You list a lack of running water and no cell phone reception as ‘pros’
  • You feel the best way to help others is to get to know them first
  • Your room is filled with odd nick-knacks you’ve picked up off the ground
  • You love talking to people, but enjoy listening more
  • Your favorite tool is a trowel
  • You’d rather be outdoors than stuck in a cubicle
  • You want a job that will make you happy, even if it won’t make you rich

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the classes you’ll need to take as an Archaeology major. The general education curriculum guide lists your class options and requirements to fulfill UIndy’s general education requirements, while the Archaeology curriculum guide lists the classes needed to major in Archaeology. You’ll need to look at both guides to get a complete picture of what classes you’ll take at UIndy.

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