About the Professional Edge Center

UIndy’s Professional Edge Center helps students from all academic areas—even those who haven’t figured out a major—identify career pathways, interact with business professionals and develop professional and interpersonal skills. The best way to develop a network of contacts and fine-tune professional skills is through practice and repeated interactions, which is why we offer events, resources and support for all students beginning freshman year.

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Employers: Find Talent

Connect with UIndy Students

We welcome employers to connect to our students through Handshake, our online job portal. Handshake allows employers to post a job/internship openings, request a resume referral, coordinate interview’s on campus.



Handshake is our job portal for students and employers to connect. Students can create a profile and search open positions, while employers can post jobs and find qualified candidates.


Professional Edge Fellowship Program

UIndy, in partnership with Strada Education Network, is offering a new fellowship program designed to match full-time students with real paying jobs related to their field of study. If you’re a freshman through senior with a strong academic record, we urge you to apply! If you’re chosen for a fellowship, you’ll have the opportunity to build long-term work experience and get an early start to your career.

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Get your college career on track with the Professional Edge Center Planning Tool

Not sure what to study? Or maybe you’ve decided on your major, but don’t know what steps to take to help you meet your career goals. Our Career Planning Tool can help. Explore majors based on your interests, or select your major and get resources and a list of steps to take during each stage of your education.

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